To lead the congregation to a more meaningful worship, the presence of Choristers is a must. Mr.A.Titus is credited to have formed the first Choir in CSI Holy Trinity Church, Moovarasanpet. Special training was given to the choir members to sing during festivals. Mr.Alfred Kanagaraj took over the mantle of leadership from Mr.Titus. Under the able guidance of Mr.Alfred, the Church Choir grew leaps and bounds.
A special song called ‘The Nativity of Christ’ was written and our Church Choir participated as dignitary singers at St.Mathias Church -Pallavaram, Garrison Church - St.Thomas Mount, Christ Church- Mount Road and St.James Church- Ayanavaram during the leadership of Mr.Alfred.

The baton passed on from Mr.Alfred to Mr.Samuel Chandrasekaran and then to Dr.Eugene Wilson. Every Choir Master’s contribution to the betterment of the Choir was unique and God blessed their efforts abundantly.

Our present Choir Master is Dr.A.Shaeben and under his leadership our Church Choir has touched new high in singing the glory of our Creator Lord.

We place on record our appreciation to the sincere services rendered by Mr.Smile Ross, Mr.Theodre, Mr.Daniel Selvan, Mr.Allan Johnson and Mr.Jefferson David as Organists. Their musical acumen added spice to the class of the choristers. In the following years many youngsters have learnt musical instruments, particularly Organ, and are given opportunities to play during the Church services.
Our Church choir regularly visits nearby and far off churches on invitation during Christmas time to sing Carols for God’s glory. We take this opportunity to sincerely thank every Choir member, both past and the present for sparing their precious time to sing glories to the King of kings.
Turning back the pages of history we fondly remember those times when ‘Baby Organ’ was used for the Choir. Next God provided us with a Pedal Organ and it was in use for quite some time. But times were changing fast and we purchased an Electronic Organ with Upper Manual, Lower Manual and Foot Manual. Now we have a good quality Electronic Key Board which is used to stir up the hearts of the congregation to sing praises unto our Lord Jesus Christ.

A team was constituted under Mr.R.Victor which worked hard to bring out an excellent song book which is now used in praise and worship sessions, Fellowship prayer meetings and in village outreach ministry. Continue to uphold our Church Choir in your prayers so that in the coming years we will sing the glories of our Lord all the more.