1. Our Church Men’s Fellowship is strongly rooted in God’s Word, in Brotherly Love and Christian ethos. Approximately 60 men are Members of Men’s Fellowship.
2. Men’s Fellowship takes active participation in all regular Annual Festivals and Harvest Festival of our Church.
3. Members of Men’s Fellowship gather in our Church on the last Monday of every month at 9 pm and pray fervently for our Congregation, our Diocese and the Nation.
4. Members of our Fellowship partake in spiritual activities of our Church like leading the Worship Service, Village Outreach Ministry, Tracts Ministry and Hospital Ministry.
5. Once in a year, Men’s Fellowship visit Old Age Home and extend a helping hand to the inmates.
6. Every week after the Church Service, Men’s Fellowship members visit our Congregational Members who are sick and pray for them.
7. Every week after the Church Service, tasty Breakfast is sold and the money thus raised is used to help poor people.
8. Every year during the month of January, members of the Men’s Fellowship gather to discuss and decide the schedule of events for that year.
9. Every month after the evening service conducted by Men’s Fellowship, prayer meeting is conducted in any one of our member’s houses.

Men Fellowship