By the immense grace of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, the outreach ministry at Karunilam Village is growing leaps and bounds since the year 2014.

Fourth Sunday evenings is very special when the outreach ministry team of our Church visits this village with the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ. Door to door evangelism, street corner meetings and children special programs form part of our schedule. In one of the houses of this village, worship service is conducted regularly. Through our Church, medical camp, gospel film screening for the children and Christmas carol rounds were organized for the spiritual growth of the villagers.

Our Church members prayerfully visit individual houses and share the Good News. Many people have accepted the truth and have been blessed. It goes without saying that we have an open door for evangelism in this village. People wait patiently to be prayed for.

We appeal to our Church members to pray fervently so that through these enthusiastic new believers others will also taste the love of God in their lives. We welcome all our members to join in this wonderful village outreach ministry and glorify God through our Mission work.

There is a proposal to purchase land and build a Church for God’s glory at Karunilam village. Pray, Plan and Participate. May the Lord bless you!