Children are a Heritage from the Lord:
Our Church Sunday School started way back in 1973 under the supervision of Mrs.Kamala Charles with a small group of 20 children. In 1986 the mantle of Sunday School Supervisor rested upon Mrs.Hema Latha Wilson who through her dedicated work and God fearing life guided the children until 2004. The fruits of her Mission is evident through present day vibrant Youth members and Fellowship leaders of our Church. From 2004 to 2014 Mrs.Prema Rathnaraj dedicated herself to supervise our Sunday school. Since 2014, Diocesan syllabus is being followed in our Sunday school.

At present approximately 84 students are growing in their spiritual life ably guided by 10 dedicated teachers. Every week our Sunday school starts after the Service and ends at 12.45 pm with healthy snacks.

It’s fun being in Sunday school. Each year our kids are grouped in fours to motivate their activities and participation. During the academic year 2015-16 the groups are named as Dashing Daniels, Lovely Lydians, Cute Calcians and Victory Warriors.

When school rooms turn smart, why not our Sunday school? We use animated movies to teach Bible stories and attractive Power Point Presentations to teach new songs.

Children are motivated to learn God’s Word through Memory Verse Competition, Weekly Bible Quiz and Puzzles, Annual Colouring Competition and Christmas Programs.

Special Days celebrated in Sunday school:

Parents Day: Parents accompany their kids to Sunday school.

Friendship Day: Kids bring in their new non-Christian friends and introduce Jesus to them.

Father’s Day / Mother’s Day: Importance of honouring Father and Mother is imparted to the Kids.

Crafts Day: Children learn something new every Palm Sunday.

Our Sunday school’s Achievements:

  • Our Sunday school children won 2nd Prize during Keerthanai Peruvizha 2013 organized by our Diocese.
  • During November 2014, a short film entitled ‘Give your child the gift of time’ fully casted by our Sunday school kids was shown to our Congregation and it was absolutely thought provoking.

Hearty Welcome to our Sunday school: Do you want your child to learn Spiritual values and grow in the Lord? If so, our Church Sunday school is the ideal destination. For further details, kindly contact Mrs.Jebaselvi Samson, our present Sunday school Supervisor.

Jesus said, "Let the little childn come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." - St. Matthew 19:14.


Plant without flowers, Sky without stars and Sea without Fishes don’t look beautiful. Similarly if Children do not adorn the Churches, everything will be very dull and void.

“At that time the disciples came to Jesus and asked, “Who, then, is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven? He called a little child to him, and placed the child among them.  And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven” - Matthew 18:3

The above Bible verse clearly shows that God has kept little children in our homes so that we could learn how to trust God and change our lifestyle. We also need to analyze how we bring up our children. True to the saying ‘Earlier, the better’, if we water them with Christ’s love and light, our children will grow up and bear fruits bringing cheers to our home, our Church, our society and even to our country.

Children’s ministry is nothing but showing Christ, who is Light! A great man of God once remarked that ministry among Children is the most wonderful ministry of all. He substantiated it by saying that if a grown up person accepts Christ, he/she is only a half soul. But if a child accepts Christ, we are bringing a full soul to God’s Kingdom. So True!
Fully comprehending the seriousness of Children’s ministry, young men and women of our Church started an outreach Sunday School at Amman Nagar in the terrace of our Church member Mr.Aruldoss’s home. Rev.Devaprasad was our Presbyter at that time.

By the grace of God, this outreach Sunday School at Amman Nagar is growing leaps and bounds through sheer Brotherly love under the guidance of our Presbyter and with the encouragement of our Pastorate Committee members. Our entire congregation upholds this Mission project by their consistent prayers and various forms of encouragement including financial assistance.

Having said, ours is an outreach Sunday School, it is to be noted that most of the participants are non Christians who show interest in knowing the love of Christ. Every Sunday evening at 3 p.m our Amman Nagar Sunday School commences its Missionary Endeavor. On an average 70 children participate and are growing in the Lord. We also conduct Bible games, memory verse competition, drawing competition and Bible Quiz for the Sunday School children and distribute prizes.

Christmas special program, Easter special program and Annual Day celebration are also organized and children exhibit their talents in the presence of their parents for God’s glory. Kindly continue to uphold Amman Nagar outreach Sunday School in your daily prayers.