The vibrancy and spiritual warmth of our Church is greatly enhanced by the activities of our Youth Fellowship. Separate meetings for Youth Boys and Youth Girls are held every Sunday after the Service. These youth meetings give us an in-depth spiritual momentum and help us live victorious Christian lives.
Saturday evenings are very special too. Our youth gather earnestly and pray fervently for our Congregation, the Diocese, our Nation, its leaders, Missionaries and for every Christian Mission related activities. Our loving Lord graciously hears our prayers and answers them.
Apart from these regular activities, our youth also initiates, participates and performs various other spiritual activities to the glory of God and for the extension of His Kingdom. Our Youth visit Old Age Homes and Orphanages to share the love of Christ. Blood donation camps and Medical camps are periodically organized. Our Youth also involve in Village outreach Ministry and Vacation Bible School. Sporting activities, Christmas and Easter programs are also conducted. During the Christmas season our youth visit Christian as well as non Christian homes to sing carols and pray for the inmates.
All night prayer, Special prayers for the Nation, Gospel Video ministry in villages, decorating our Church during special occasions, leading the singing sessions and serving the food for our congregation are some of the activities in which our Youth happily involve in.
As a special outreach ministry, our Youth conduct Sunday school at Amman Nagar which is nearer to our Church. VBS, Christmas tree Fest, Easter special programs, games, medical camp, drawing competition, Bible memory verse competition are regularly conducted in this outreach Mission which is welcomed and greatly appreciated by the local people.
The Youth Fellowship has good rapport with other fellowships of our Church and work together for the welfare of the Congregation. In short our Youth are like Pillars of our Church and shines like Light to the world.

Youth Boys
Youth Girls